Safe Snacks - We Are a Peanut Restricted School



Rock Creek Elementary

Safe Snack and Birthday Treat List for a Peanut Restricted School 

At this time due to COVID-19 restrictions, students are not bringing food to school to share with other students.  However, we continue to be a peanut restricted school.  


Please Note:  This list gives information about many of the most common snacks at school.  If you find something you would like to send to school with your child, just check the listed ingredients.  If “peanuts”, “peanut butter” or “peanut oil” is listed, please find another treat for the school environment. No homemade treats are allowed in the classroom.

Please check ingredient lists carefully.   Manufacturers may change ingredients at any time.  


How to Determine if a Food is Safe from Peanuts

A “Peanut Alert” is a warning printed on the back of a processed food product indicating that the food inside either

             1.  Contains peanuts or peanut butter as an ingredient or

             2.  Doesn’t contain peanuts as a listed ingredient but was manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts                         and may therefore be contaminated with traces of peanuts.


The only products that need to be excluded from Rock Creek are those that have peanuts, peanut butter, or peanut oil as a listed ingredient. Items that state “may contain peanuts” are okay for our school environment.


If you are ever unsure about a food item, especially granola bars, cookies, candy bars, or baked goods, simply scan the ingredients looking for the word “peanut” to determine if it will be safe for our school environment. 


Alternatives to Peanut Butter 

Soy butter

Almond butter

Sunflower butter

Nutella or other chocolate/hazelnut spread         


Foods Containing Peanuts Most Often Mistakenly Brought Into School. 

Butterfinger Candy (found in Lunchables) 

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups


Nutty Bars 

Granola bars with peanuts 

Trail mixes



Acceptable Treats:

 * This list is intended to make it easier for you.  you may bring in other items that are not on the list as long as they do not contain peanuts. Please check ingredient lists carefully.   Manufacturers may change ingredients at any time. 


 Fresh fruits          Vegetables with Dip               Pudding Cups                Jello Cups 


Little Debbie Snacks
Swiss Cake Roll        Donut Sticks        Frosted Donuts        Honey Buns        Strawberry Shortcake Rolls 

Star Crunch             Oatmeal Pies       Pecan Pinwheels      Devil Squares      Mini Powdered Donuts 

Zebra Cakes            Cosmic Brownines                              Fudge Rounds     Boston Creme Rolls 

Carmel Bars             Marshmallow Treats                            Chocolate Cupcakes 


Little Bites              Brownies              Muffins                     Donut Holes           Glazed Donuts

Frosted Donuts       

Rice Krispies Treats  (Original or with Sprinkles) 

Kellog's Granola Bars     All Bran Honey Oat Bars           Nutri Grain Cereal Bars            Special K Bars

Dolly Madison       Donut Gems       Donut Holes       Mini Crullers        Zingers

Hostess      Twinkies      Ho Ho's      Ding Dongs      Cupcakes 

Otis Spunkmeyer   Chocolate Chip Muffins     Wild Blueberry Muffins 

Pop Tarts      All varieties

Other      Microwave Popcorn    many store bought cookies     crackers and chips

*Please note:  Generic and store-brands make many similar varieties - just check the ingredient labels to be sure they are safe.