School Supply Lists for New School Year

Here is the newest school supply list for Rock Creek Elementary.  Excitement starts brewing when the school supply aisles start filling up with all new supplies.  District office has also sent the RCE list to local stores.   

RCE School Supply List Grades Kindergarten - 5th Grade  (click the link for access) 

Here is the same list in a PDF format:  RCE Supply List 2019 - 2020.pdf 

Please note that all students will need tennis shoes for PE, a backpack (labeled with their name), headphones, and will need some supplies, such as pencils replenished throughout the school year.  If purchasing a lunch box for your child, please make certain to label it with your child's name.  Many lunch boxes look similar to others in their class or grade level.  Placing your child's name on items such as backpacks and lunchboxes prevents lost items or items confused with another student.