Respectful Rocket Awards

Each year several students from each class are nominated to receive the Respectful Rocket Award.   Students embody characteristics of respect, cooperation and putting forth good effort.  They are model citizens throughout the entire school year.   A variety of teachers and other school staff who work with the class vote to choose the student that receives the award for their class.  Students are recognized at our awards ceremony and are honored with a medal and certificate.  

This year's Kindergarten Respectful Rockets are: 
Elsie Smith - Ms. Black
Roman Sieg - Mrs. Fahnestock
Paxton Ahart - Mrs. Kern
Chase Pitlyk - Mrs. Twillman 

Kdg Respectful Rockets

First Grade: 
Madeline Sisk - Mrs. Clark 
Millie Tomlinson - Mrs. Frazier 
Isabella Grothoff - Mrs. Gehring 
Paige Felten - Mrs. Mayberry 

1st Grade Respectful Rockets 

Second Grade: 

Kathryn Weber - Ms. Johnson 
Seth Monson - Mrs. Mounts 
Logan Mitchell - Mrs. Ormsby 

2nd Grade Respectful Rockets 

Third Grade:  
Finley McHugh - Mrs. Higgins
Kenney Horstmann - Mrs. Houdei  
Ellison Peace - Mrs. Lucks
Adelyn Buttrum - Ms. Trujillo 

3rd Grade Respectful Rockets 

Fourth Grade: 
McKenna Koser - Mrs. Beseau
Cameron Luster - Mr. Botkin 
Ava Emerling - Mrs. Maher 
Charlotte Weber - Mrs. Nahmensen 

4th Grade Respectful Rockets

5th Grade: 
Kate Swink - Ms. Dean
Cameron Murphy - Mrs. Mensinger 
Dev Patel - Mrs. Monahan 
Addison Bruer - Ms. Mueller 

Respectful Rockets 

To view past Respectful Rockets as far back as the 2011-2012 school year, please click on the link to view the power point.