MAP Testing in Grades 3-5

All 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade students will be participating in the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) this Spring.  This computerized assessment will be used to check students' skills in ELA and Math.  5th Graders will also participate in the area of Science.   The  schedule is still being created and will be shared in a few weeks.  Virtual students will also participate in MAP Testing. 

MAP Testing Schedule:   Click HERE

Information for virtual students coming in to take MAP test:  

This year the Fort Zumwalt School District will be testing our virtual students at their home school according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, 4/13 5th Grade ELA - all three sessions

Thursday, 4/15 3rd Grade ELA - all three sessions

Tuesday, 4/20 4th Grade ELA Writing session 1

Thursday, 4/22 4th Grade ELA - sessions 2-4

Tuesday, 4/27 5th Grade Science - both sessions

Thursday, 4/29 3rd Grade Math - all three sessions

Tuesday, 5/4 4th Grade Math - all three sessions

Thursday, 5/6 5th Grade Math - all three sessions 

At Rock Creek,  we plan to start the testing each day promptly at 9:00 AM so students should arrive between 8:45 and 8:55 AM.  Please complete the At Home Wellness Check prior to coming to school.  We will provide breaks for students after each section of the test and students are welcome to bring a snack to eat during the break.  Please send peanut free snacks.  A lunch break will be provided at a natural stopping point for each testing day and students may either bring a lunch or order one through our cafeteria. Cafeteria lunches will be delivered to the testing room to minimize contact. Students will be seated in a socially distanced manner and masks should be worn throughout the time on campus. We anticipate the tests will take several hours and we will call when your child completes his/her test so we can dismiss them for the day. Students have the option to pause the test for a quick restroom break, should they need it, during the test. Every effort will be made to provide a safe and clean testing environment.   5th Grade students will test with Miss Mueller, their virtual teacher, since she is based here at Rock Creek.  3rd and 4h grade students will have various Rock Creek teachers as their examiners.   Computers will be sanitized before and after use. We want you to feel safe and comfortable with these procedures

Virtual teachers are aware of these testing days and will be assigning lessons accordingly, with lighter workloads to reflect the effort required on testing days.  If you child does not attend the grade level testing sessions, asynchronous work will be available for them on their Canvas page. 

  • For each day of testing students should bring:
  • *Water bottle
  • *Peanut free snack
  • *Lunch (bring or order from cafeteria)
  • *Mask
  • *Pencils
  • *Headphones
  • *Book to read
  • *Jacket or hoodie (in case they find the testing room chilly)
  • *Please leave cell phones and smart watches at home