Standards Based Grading Information Kdg - 2nd Grade

The Fort Zumwalt report card for 1st and 2nd grade has been updated.   Below is an example of our proficiency rubric that is part of your child's progress report and report card. This will help explain how your child is progressing on skills taught in the classroom. Students will receive a 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on where they fall within each standard on each proficiency scale. Please keep in mind that the standards we expect students to know are end of the year goals. If your child is receiving a one or two in the beginning of the year, that is common considering we do not expect them to be proficient at the beginning. It is our goal to move them towards this by the end of the year.    If you have further questions, please contact your child's teacher.  

Proficiency Scale

​Proficiency Scales:   
To gain a deeper understanding of your child's progress, please view the proficiency scale with detailed expectation descriptors for each subject and grade level.  These are the scales that teachers use to determine student progress.  

Kindergarten English Language Arts 
Kindergarten Math 
Kindergarten Science
Kindergarten Social Studies

First Grade:   
1st Grade English Language Arts  
1st Grade Math
1st Grade Science 
1st Grade Social Studies 

2nd Grade:  
2nd Grade English Language Arts 
2nd Grade Math 
2nd Grade Science  
2nd Grade Social Studies