Physical Education

Coach Sissom                                             
Mr. Matt Sissom                                       Mrs. Jennifer Kinworthy



The Physical Education program is concerned with developing and maintaining health, fitness, physical and social skills, and safety for all students. Alternative activities will be provided to meet the needs of those students with an identified disability.

Elementary Physical Education emphasizes physical fitness skill development, participation and fun.

Safety is a very important part of our classes. We stress that your child wear tennis shoes that are laced with appropriate length strings, tied securely, with good rubber soles and support. Also, children must remove any jewelry, glasses, and obstruction in their pockets that could injure others or themselves.

In order for our classroom at Rock Creek to run smoothly, we have established four basic rules:

1.) Safety First
2.) Show Good Sportsmanship
3.) Do Your Best
4.) Have Fun!!

Did You Know?   5 and ½ laps around our bus loop/track= a mile!

Did You Know?

RCE raised over $11,000 for Jump Rope for Heart in January/February 2017!


Students in grades 3-5 participate in a fall and spring Pacer test…

More information on the Pacer test can be found on the following website…


FZSD Fine Arts Grading Scale Kindergarten: 

4 = Mastered   3 = Advanced Progress    2 = Beginning Progress   1 = Of Concern

FZSD Fine Arts Grading Scale Grades 1-5

4 = Exceeds Expectations 3 = Meets Expectations 2 = Emerging 1 = Area of Concern 

FZSD Fine Arts Effort Scale Kindergarten: 
4 = Demonstrates Skill Consistently   3 = Demonstrates Skill; Inconsistencies May Be Present
2 = Demonstrates Skill with Support   1 = Of Concern 
FZSD Fine Arts Effort Scale Grades 1-2
E = Excellent      S = Satisfactory    N= Needs Improvement  
FZSD Fine Arts Effort Scale Grades 3-5
3 = Excellent      2 = Satisfactory     1 = Needs Improvement 

Common Expectations for Fine Arts:

1. Follow directions and listen respectfully

2. Participate appropriately

3. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

4. Respect self, classmates, teachers, and equipment

5. Be prepared and ready to learn

Behavior Reminders:

We will communicate with parents and staff through the use of Behavior Reminders and Think Sheets if necessary. These will highlight the specific behavior viewed in class and will allow the child to think and resolve the issue to strive for success.