Alicia Soller                      Shelly Ragan, Music Teacher    

Mrs. Alicia Soller                      Ms. Shelly Ragan

Music Educator                          Music Educator


Music is an integral part of all cultures and is an important part of the human experience, as stated in Fort Zumwalt’s Curriculum.  Rock Creek students will attend music class for 80 minutes a week.  In the music classroom, students will be exposed to a variety of musical concepts, styles and activities including singing, instrument exploration, dance and movement. 

“Why Teach Music?” 

Music is science – It is exact, specific; and it demands exact acoustics.

Music is mathematical – It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into 
        fractions which must be done immediately and not worked out on paper.  

Music is a foreign language -  Most of the terms used in music are in Italian, German
        or French.  Music is a complete and universal language.  

Music is history - Music reflects the environment and times of its creation.   

Music is physical education - It requires fantastic coordination of finger, hands, arms, 
        lip and facial muscles, in addition to extraordinary control of the back, stomach,   
        and chest muscles.   

Music is all of these things, but the most of all Music is art - It allows a human being to
        take all these dry, technically difficult techniques and use them to create
        emotion.  That is one thing that science cannot duplicate:  humanism, feeling,

Why is Music taught? -  We teach music so that our students will be human.  So they
        will recognize beauty.  So they will be sensitive.  So they will have something
        to cling to.  So they will have more love, more compassion, more good --- 
        in short, more life.  

By: Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

Performance Dates for 2016-2017:
     2/22/16  5th Grade Musical 
    3/23/16  Choir and Drama musical
    4/20/16  2nd Grade Musical

Learn Music through Fun & Games:  Websites We Recommend 
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
San Francisco Symphony
Music K8 Kids

FZSD Fine Arts Grading Scale Kindergarten: 
4 = Mastered     3 = Advanced Progress  2 = Beginning Progress  1 = Of Concern 
FZSD Fine Arts Grading Scale Grades 1-5
4 = Exceeds Expectations 3 = Meets Expectations 2 = Emerging 1 = Area of Concern 

FZSD Fine Arts Effort Scale Kindergarten: 
4 = Demonstrates Skill Consistently   3 = Demonstrates Skill; Inconsistencies May Be Present
2 = Demonstrates Skill with Support   1 = Of Concern 

FZSD Fine Arts Effort Scale Grades 1-2
E = Excellent      S = Satisfactory    N= Needs Improvement  
FZSD Fine Arts Effort Scale Grades 3-5
3 = Excellent      2 = Satisfactory     1 = Needs Improvement 

Common Expectations for Fine Arts:

1. Follow directions and listen respectfully

2. Participate appropriately

3. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

4. Respect self, classmates, teachers, and equipment

5. Be prepared and ready to learn

Behavior Reminders:

We will communicate with parents and staff through the use of Behavior Reminders and Think Sheets if necessary. These will highlight the specific behavior viewed in class and will allow the child to think and resolve the issue to strive for success.