Respectful Rockets: A School Wide Behavior Program
Launching Something New: Respectful Rockets School Wide Behavior Program
Posted on 07/31/2017
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Launch Into: Respectful  Rockets

Beginning in January 2017, parents and Rock Creek Elementary teachers and support staff were surveyed regarding the values they believed were most important for our students to demonstrate in our school. A group of teachers, parents and support staff had great discussions as we worked to develop the behavior matrix and to develop lessons to explicitly teach our students.  Expectations will be consistent across grade levels, in all settings throughout our school.  


We Believe...

At Rock Creek Elementary, we believe that optimal student achievement (academic and behavior) can be attained utilizing a proactive approach for creating and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment. Together with teachers, support staff, parents and administrators, the plan for Respectful Rockets was created. 

Teaching Expectations....
Throughout the school year, students will be taught the expectations of our four core pillars. Teachers will help students learn what the expectations “look” and “sound” like in every setting during the school day. These lessons will be re-taught and reinforced throughout the school year, and become a regular part of our instructional program. Students will know exactly what is expected of them. Students who take responsibility to meet the expectations will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways. We are committed to improving our school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. 

Collaborating with Parents...
Rock Creek staff will collaborate with parents. We encourage you to talk with your child about the information on the behavior matrix, a detailed description of expected behavior in each school setting, and ask your child to discuss examples of ways that he or she can use these expectations to help them learn and participate in school. Teachers and administrators will be communicating with you regarding your child's positive behavior, as well as minor incidences requiring re-teaching and any major incidences which may occur. 

Behavior Matrix... 
Rock Creek Behavior Matrix
Stayed tuned!  There is much more to share regarding our Respectful Rockets!