RCE History

Rock Creek Elementary opened for the 1996-1997 School Year.   The Fort Zumwalt School District dedicated the building on October 22, 1996.  the members of the Board of Education at that time were:  Doyle Stokes, President,  Robert Fischer, Vice President, Ron Entwistle, Barbara Unger, Kaycee Schultz-Reinisch, Scott Lewis, and John Ray.  Dr. Bernard J. DuBray was the superintendent.    Mrs. Phyills Wiig served as  Rock Creek Elementary's first principal from 1996 - 2002.   

Copies of articles and photos of the building under construction were found in files.  Dates and sources of the articles are

Concrete workers pic

 article Board picks name

article Student named school

aerial of construction site

 An aerial view of the construction site.  Notice President's Landing subdivision at the top of the photo.


Founding Staff Members of Rock Creek Elementary:  

We currently have one staff members who has been part of the Rock Creek Elementary family since it opened in 1996.   Mrs. Lisa Mueller began her teaching career as a fourth grade teacher in the brand new school.

Several other staff members who served as founding members of Rock Creek Elementary continued working at Rock Creek until they retired.  Mr. Joe Ammann served RCE as a special education teacher and the Educational Diagnostician.  Mrs. Jean Hedden joined RCE as a third grade teacher before spending most of her years teaching Kindergarten. Mrs. Joann Krietemeyer was a day custodian. Mrs. Mary Martin served our school as the Reading Specialist. Mrs. Caryl O'Hearn taught third grade.  Mrs. JoAnn Roberts was our registrar and attendance clerk in the office.  Mrs. Carolyn Schwartz was a paraprofessional. Mrs. Anne Soloman, taught 5th grade and continues to serve as our Camp Coordinator and Science Fair Coordinator.  Mr. Greg Soloman, taught 4th grade, and continues to serve the Fort Zumwalt District as the district's coordinator of Outdoor Education.   Mrs. Maggie Wilson was one of our speech-language pathologists.  

Administrators of Rock Creek Elementary:  
Mrs. Phyllis Wiig was serving as the Assistant Principal of Hawthorn Elementary in the FZ School District when she was appointed as the principal of the newest Fort Zumwalt elementary school.  Mrs. Wiig served the school from 1996- 2002.  Mrs. Deanne (Dede) McCullough served as the assistant principal from 2000- 2002.  

Dr. Deanne McCullough was appointed the principal of RCE in 2002.  She served as the principal for the years 2002-2014.  Dr. Sharon Ellerbrook (2005-2006), Mrs. Debbie Mueller (2006-2008), Dr. Kate Kimsey (2008-2011) and Ms. Jill Nolte served as Rock Creek's assistant principals during Dr. McCullough's tenure.   

Our current administrative team consists of Mr. Keith Jennings, Principal, and Ms. Jill Nolte, Assistant Principal.  Mr. Jennings became the leader of Rock Creek Elementary in 2014.  Ms. Nolte began serving RCE as the assistant principal in 2011.