Lunch Schedules



All classes have a ten minute recess prior to going to lunch.  The recess time is included in the full lunch time published below.  If you are planning on joining your child for lunch, we appreciate you calling ahead so we expect you.  If someone other than a parent is planning on joining your child for lunch, please call ahead giving your permission to have a visitor join your child.    We have round tables set up in the corner of the cafeteria for you and your child to dine.  We ask that these tables are reserved for the child and special guest only.  If your student wants you to join their friends, you are welcome to sit at the lunch table with them. 

For lunch menus, nutritional information and more, please visit the Fort Zumwalt's Student Nutrition Services page:  

2019-2020 Lunch Schedules 

The first 10 minutes is recess. Then students enter the cafeteria. 



10:45 – 11:20


10:50 – 11:25


11:05 – 11:40

1st: Black/Gehring

11:10 – 11:45

1st: Frazier

11:20 – 11:55

2nd: Mounts

11:25 – 12:00

2nd: Johnson/Ormsby

11:30 – 12:05

3rd: Davidson

11:35 – 12:10

3rd: Higgins/Trujillo

11:50 – 12:25

4th: Botkin/Nahmensen

11:55 – 12:30

4th: Beseau/Maher

12:00 – 12:35

5th: Mensinger/Mueller

12:05 – 12:40

5th: Monahan/Carroll