Respectful Rocket Awards

Each year a student from each classroom is awarded the Respectful Rocket Award.  This student is one that is nominated and voted on by the classroom teacher and many other staff who teach and supervise the students throughout the school day.  This student exemplifies citizenship, perserverance, cooperation, compassion and effort every day.  The Respectful Rockets for this school year are:   

Kindergarten: Gracen McHugh, Abbey Loche, Lilly May, and Madeline Niebruegge

First Grade: Brendan Sissom, Mollie Koser, Isabella Marecek and Kayle Heredia

Second Grade: Leah Copeland, Harsha Malipeddi, Ashlynn Montgomery, and Aiyana Sieg

Third Grade: Greece Valadez, Raleigh Chambers, Rhyler Betz, and Reagan Shaver
Fourth Grade: Faith Hall, Chase Collins, Adalyn Harding, and Megan Modica
Fifth Grade: Kaylin Zengil, Brooklyn Bourgoine, Lily Hollis and Emma Shroyer