Technology Shares Websites
Mrs. Mueller invites you to visit the website for her technology classes.  Here you will learn more about the technology curriculum and find many links to sites that you and your students can access at home to assist with typing practice and all academic skills.  

Click the link for her site:  

Check out the link to iKeepBookmarks, which is a wealth of sites selected by our teachers.  Over 300 hundred websites, with many organized by grade level.    iKeepBookmarks

Our students are becoming familiar with Symbaloo. The picture icons for their most used websites are available in an easy to access format.  Students just need to click on the tile to access the site.  No need to do a search or type in a web address.   Please note that our district has created the Symbaloo page with some individualization for each school.  Some of the programs, such as Reading Eggs, require logins that may not be available for Rock Creek Elementary students.

Keep watching for more technology updates and updates to our website!