Our November Newsletter
Click on this link for the full newsletter.  November Newsletter 2016.pdf 
Here is information from our principals:  

Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

 We are rejuvenated after our fall break. We enjoyed having the opportunity to sit and converse with parents during conferences last week and we hope that you did also. We cherish the time you took to come in and meet with your child’s teacher to discuss progress, successes and any concerns. This is an invaluable time that we have with you. Thank you! Our goal is to meet with 100% of our parents during these conferences. If we missed you, please email your child’s teacher or call the office to reschedule a time to meet.

As we continue into 2nd quarter, we have a lot of exciting opportunities to celebrate and for which to be thankful. We begin with celebrating Red Ribbon Week and next week we have the pleasure to celebrate our Veterans on November 11 with an assembly. Our student body, RCE Choir and Drama Club will perform.  Most importantly it is a time that we designate to say “Thank You” to our men and women who have given us the right to come to school every day in a free society and treat all with kindness. We honor these veterans and active service members. It is one of our most pride filled days of the year. Thank you for joining us on November 11th at 9 AM to help celebrate them.

 As you may have noticed our newsletters have changed in order to deliver meaningful and helpful information to help you have a deeper understanding of what is happening in the educational life of your child. In the past we have filled the pages of this newsletter with non-stop reminders and dates. This information is now being sent out as weekly email reminders by Ms. Nolte. Please refer to these for all updates and reminders. The focus of our newsletter is to disseminate more instructional information that may be helpful in your understanding of what we do daily. This month we focus on Math in Focus bar modeling and making inferences within our English Language Arts texts. If you have questions or topics that you would love to know more about, please email or call us and we will include parent information in this newsletter or send out additional resources that may be beneficial to help us all continue to be a crucial part of our child’s learning. Thank you for dedication and support of our students!

 Mr. Keith Jennings, Principal                            Ms. Jill Nolte, Assistant Principal