Kindergarten Standards Based Progress

The following scale will be used in Kindergarten this year to inform you of your child's progress.  This scale will be used on progress reports and on report cards.  

Fort Zumwalt School District

Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Qualitative Student Proficiency Descriptors

4:  Mastered - the student is able to consistently demonstrate a clear      understanding of the concept.  

3:  Advanced Progress - the student is able to demonstrate understanding of the concept.  Inconsistencies/errors may occur. 

2:  Beginning Progress - the student is beginning to develop understanding of the concept, with prompting and support. 

1:  Of concern - the student has little to no understanding of the concept at this time.   

You may view your child's progress throughout the school year on Student 360/Parent Portal.  Your inital view may show you letter grades or percentages.  The above proficiency descriptors do not correlate to letter grades or percentages.  Please follow the information on this link to see the correct information.
 Directions for Viewing Kindergarten Student Progress on SIS.pdf