April Newsletter
Click HERE to view our full April Newsletter.  The letter from Mr. Jennings, Principal, is below.  

Parents, Students and Community Members,
We are definitely in the home stretch of the school year as we begin the month of April with celebrations, early release and continuing to prepare for our 3rd, 4th and 5th MAP testing. During fourth quarter we will continue to stay steadfast to our curriculum and goals that we set aside at the beginning of the year.  Our focus on being present daily and putting forth full effort can be reinforced at home as you send students to school each day.  On Wednesday we celebrate National Paraprofessional’s Day. Please join us in honoring them if you see them outside before or after school, or in the cafeteria at lunch.  These ladies work extremely hard and do whatever is best for our students.  Thank you! Don’t forget to double check how your student is going home on Thursday. It is our first Early Release Day of the 4th quarter. Teachers will be working hard to train for the MAP test and collaborate with peers.  Please double check your student’s club calendar or reach out to the sponsor if you are not sure of cancellations or dates. We have begun to have several students dropped off each morning when there is no club, therefore no supervision.  Thank you! Let’s finish strong! Thank you for your support.