Weekly Announcements
Week of August 13:  First Week of School.                                                                    The first day is Wednesday, August 16!  

Dear Rock Creek Families: 

The first week of school is here! 

Please help us ensure that we know your child’s dismissal procedures.  Kindergarten parents, thank you for verifying this information at Orientation.  For 1st – 5th Grade parents, please take a quick moment to complete a Google Form to communicate with our teachers and office staff.  Just click on the correct grade level for each of your students.    Not certain of the bus number, please click the link for the bus routes. Bus Routes.pdf 

1st Grade:  https://goo.gl/forms/RW1NWgmTO6yAG6pI3

2nd Grade:  https://goo.gl/forms/x9VvA7cvjiQjtM6v1

3rd Grade: https://goo.gl/forms/AsDXWIOJ8IkgDw8J3

4th Grade:  https://goo.gl/forms/MLX8Twj9tUlWJTll2

5th Grade:  https://goo.gl/forms/21B8aenTWqWWVUMc2

key to success
Success Tips for First Week of School: 

  1. 1. Establish routines – bedtime, breakfast, getting ready for school, dismissal, etc.

  2. 2. Label backpacks and lunch boxes with your child’s first and last name.  Many students will have the same or similar backpacks/lunch boxes.

  3. 3. Have your child practice these important pieces of information:  teacher’s name, room number, bus number (or other dismissal routine), lunch PIN (also used to check out books from library and as part of their technology account password.  

  4. 4. Make certain your child knows if they are to eat breakfast at school. If so, please tell them to pick up their breakfast BEFORE going to their classroom.   

  5. 5. Make sure your child knows how they are going home from every day.  If there is a change, please contact school prior to 3PM. We cannot solely rely on a child’s word.  We must have this information verified by a parent.  


Volunteers needed
PTO is looking for volunteers to help all of Kindergarten students learn the lunch routine during the first 8 days of school.  Click the link to sign up:   

Blast off
Wednesday, August 16:   1st Day of School!
  We are blasting off and excited about the great year ahead! 

8:25 AM:  Supervision begins.     Parents are welcome to walk their child to the classroom without checking into the office on the first three days of school.  We ask that you do not linger, so that teachers may start building relationships and establishing routines.  If you are walking your child in, please park in the parking lot.



*Parents, are you wanting to establish the routine of having your child ride the bus on the first day, but torn because you want to see them in their classroom?   Get your child on the bus.  Then you can drive to school and be ready with your camera as they exit the bus on the playground side of the school. Please do not park on the playground.

8:40 AM:  Time for instruction to begin.   

Dismissal is at 3:40PM.  Please note that our dismissal will take a bit longer this first week as we verify students are on the correct mode of transportation.  Kindergarten students must have a sibling with them or an adult must meet them at the bus stop before drivers will let them off the bus. 

Friday, August 18:  Applications for clubs will be available.  Look for an email coming with all club offerings for 1st – 5th graders prior to the start of school.  

*MAP scores will be coming home for the students in 4th grade & 5th grade, if you did not pick them up this summer.  


Monday, August 21:  Solar Eclipse Day   Students will be participating in STEM activities and will be outside to experience this historic event.   Please review the safety guidelines that students will be practicing during the first week of school.   Kindergarten parents, an email was sent with a  form to sign up for volunteering for this event.

Thank you for partnering with all of us here at Rock Creek Elementary as we blast off toward great year!